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Various messages appear to be written in a special language, which the unnamed webmaster has referred to as "Lanti." Lanti also appears to refer to the people who spoke this language as well as their nation, presumably Atlantis. The oft-repeated phrase "Yshk Lanti," therefore, means "For Atlantis" as some aspect of this game seems to involve saving or restoring it, or possibly saving the Earth from something the Lanti may have set in motion.

This page is an attempt to list all of the words we've so far encountered, and (where we can be confident of their meanings) their English equivalents.

(Note: This page should take the place of the original lexicon thread as a reference, though we should still use that thread to discuss the language.)

Also, experiment with The Lantilator - a live english/lanti translator designed by fragment of UF



  • acktrol = horrible
  • actino = inform
  • adjnak = unleash
  • aladi = has, have
  • arpka = dire
  • atunama (n?)
  • awlyn = others
  • beche
  • chanzer
  • Chisheck
  • chrel
  • craah = in
  • crashilu = knowledge
  • di = of
  • en = and
  • enedia
  • esun = one
  • esutl = first
  • esetula = regret
  • Eshulst
  • etshundan = thing
  • eutshoo = King
  • fejatala = obsession
  • Fh = [it?]
  • fhar = effort
  • flalo = mistake
  • Gai (n) = Earth
  • geifyl
  • ghirld (n?)
  • ghyra = we
  • gharsharn = daughter
  • Gilnor
  • gora = fury
  • goro
  • gry
  • guakala = continue
  • hasya = must
  • hj = but
  • hyk
  • hykyar = spite
  • ij
  • iance
  • iraja = been
  • ishka = blood
  • ivektol
  • j = on
  • jal
  • jalun = lead
  • jhi
  • jkl
  • jyjoril
  • kajickek
  • kanjal
  • katutel
  • kayk = dead/death (confirmed as "death" for Yshk Lanti passage)
  • keilyn = know
  • kintala
  • klyk = not
  • kn
  • kol = him
  • koldaaj = humanity
  • kon = his
  • ksi = did
  • kyakan
  • La = God
  • lafvyl = place
  • laku = that
  • lanfyr (n?)
  • lankala
  • Lanti = Atlantis
  • licij
  • linguala = advancement
  • lyshaan
  • Malekia
  • masi = then
  • masuka
  • monlj = brought
  • moquin = beginning
  • mrkzai = civilization
  • Mshn = do
  • nbezik
  • nednai = understand
  • nerfen
  • nlyuk
  • nnra = preserve
  • nokovaeda
  • nukvad (n?)
  • ny = the
  • ocktel
  • olj = an
  • osen
  • p = a
  • peynin = man
  • ponkhn (n?)
  • ra = to
  • rawet
  • rean
  • Ridgarl
  • rnel
  • ruk = this
  • sha = us
  • shalan
  • shantilan = beautiful
  • Shen
  • shktol
  • shorm (v?)
  • ske
  • skorjin = from
  • smilan = seek
  • sonlal
  • spiala = esteemed
  • srk = you
  • shundaj = our
  • takma = end
  • talm = made
  • tednot
  • tei = is
  • terin
  • teyailn = there
  • thfr
  • thyr = will
  • tikov
  • tilnlyl = people
  • tollen
  • tolkna = found
  • trakan = visitors
  • trikara = [convice?]
  • tyld
  • ust = came
  • un = I
  • verkandon = citizens
  • viindor
  • vyl = was
  • ytar (v?)
  • yshk = for
  • zinhaj = upon

  • Words marked with an ? have not been confirmed by anyone in game, and as such they are only educated guesses. Accordingly, they should not be applied to the translations below except by way of speculation.
  • Letters in brackets denote possible word type (verb, noun etc) based on the fact that grammer and context is similar to english



(This was the webpage with the eye on it).

"Ra nnra koldaaj, jal hasya adjnak ny nukvad."
tentative translation (supplied in source code):
"To preserve humanity, jal must unleash the nukvad."

From yshklanti.mp3 and 2nd version of

"Ra nednai ny takma, peynin hasya keilyn ny moquin. Teyailn vyl esun mrkzai di peynin di Gai, teyailn vyl Lanti, teyailn vyl La, en masi ust awlyn."
tentative translation (corrected and confirmed by Bryan)
"To understand the end, man must know the beginning. There was one civilization of men of Earth, there was Atlantis, there was God, and then came others."

Text from after Oct 13

"Lanti vyl p shantilan lafvyl hj ny tilnlyl ksi acktrol etshundan. Ruk peynin srk esutl smilan thyr jalun srk ra ny ishka di ny eutshoo. ... [ some hex code which converts to English; see translation ] ... Ny atunama tei hyk, yshk srk hasya tollen en trikara kol di kon kanjal katutel. Ny gharsharn kol tolkna monlj j kon fejatala. Mshn klyk shorm kol yshk ny kayk di kon ponkhn."
tentative translation:
"Atlantis was a beautiful place but the people did a horrible thing. This man you first seek will lead you to the Blood of the King. [He fathered the child despite her unknown origins, genuinely loving her.] ... The atunama is hyk, for you must tollen and [convince?] him of his kanjal katutel. The daughter he found brought on his obsession. Do not [blame?] him for the death of his ponkhn."

Transcript of Hank's First Recording

(spelling confirmed via email)

"spiala verkandon un esetula ra actino srk laku teyailn aladi iraja p arpka flalo talm craah olj fhar ra guakala ny linguala di shundaj mrkzai, ghyra aladi monlj hykyar en gora zinhaj sha skorjin ny trakan."
tentative translation:
"spiala verkandon un regret to actino srk laku there aladi iraja p arpka flalo talm craah olj fhar to guakala the linguala di shundaj mrkzai, ghyra aladi monlj hykyar en fury zinhaj sha skorjin the trakan."
Bryan's translation (via Hank)
"Esteemed Citizens I regret to inform you that there has been a dire mistake made in an effort to continue the advancement of our civilization, we have brought spite and fury upon us from the visitors"

Transcript of Hank's Second Recording

(spelling confirmed via email)

"Ridgarl tei chanzer. Ruk tei klyk p ghirld. Eshulst: ruk tei klyk p ghirld. Shen enedia srk jhi ny nbezik yshk nokovaeda. Malekia ny crashilu di shundaj jyjoril kajickek ny lanfyr. Fh tei ny jhi kyakan ghyra aladi ra viindor shundaj terin. Yshk Lanti, yshk La, yshk Gai."
tentative translation:
"Ridgarl is chanzer. This is not a ghirld. Eshulst: this is not a ghirld. Shen enedia you jhi the nbezik for nokovaeda. Malekia the knowledge of our jyjoril kajickek the lanfyr. Fh is the jhi kyakan we have to viindor our terin. For Atlantis, for God, for Earth."

another tentative (and very speculative) translation ("close" according to Bryan):
"Ridgarl is chanzer. This is not a test?. Repeat?: this is not a test?. Take? with? you only? the essentials? for survival?. Bury? the knowledge of our race? beneath? the ocean?. It is the only? way? we have to save? our world?. For Atlantis, for God, for Earth."

Text from understanding.jpg (de-stegged from "twosides.png")

(spelling isn't confirmed)
"Un ytar un kiyu kynpen ny jzan nympar ikwk esolot alad kn ytar utahyr"
tentative translation:

"I ytar I kiyu kynpen the jzan nympar ikwk esolot alad kn ytar utahyr"

Text from Yshk La page (10/30/2006)

"Gilnor osen thfr ij licij tednot lankal beche rawet ivektol ny chrel di p
sonlal nerken. Chisheck gilnor osen tikov ny ishka di ny eutshoo. Jal tei
rean enedia kol en hasya ske tolkna. Craah lyshaan un hasya nlyuk yshk
iance. Chisheck shktol aladi masuka goro rnal kn geifyl ra shundaj shalan
Jkl kintala gry ocktel."

tentative translation:
"Gilnor osen thfr ij licij tednot lankal beche rawet ivektol the chrel of a
sonlal nerken. Chisheck gilnor osen tikov the blood of the King. Jal is
rean enedia him and must [be?] found. In lyshaan I must nlyuk for
iance. Chisheck shktol has masuka goro rnal kn geifyl to our shalan
Jkl kintala gry ocktel."

See The Lantilator for easy live translation and testing

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