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List of In-Game Websites

746865656e64 - The End - Ny Takma
This was the original trailhead site. So far (10/20/2006), it has experienced three phases. An initial phase displayed a blueish globe, random text in greek letters, a reptilian eye, and two videos playing in tandem asking a series of questions related to preparing for the end of the world.

A second phase appeared on October 11th. The globe turned a reddish brown color, and the random text was replaced with text that matches a transcript of a recording found on the site during its phase, as well as a poem.

The third and current phase deleted all previous content, and replaced it with an all Flash site featuring a code that leads to the password protected directory at .

This is part of the trailhead site, but it seems to be slightly specialized in its intent. It features a series of images, objects and phrases, including a modified image from Google Maps displaying the location of Hank.

Haunted Hank
This is the blog of Henry Morgan. He reports on his findings, interacts with players, and describes having a hard time with his relationship with his Daughter, Kendra.

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